Multiplier Events

Stakeholder seminar 1

The first stakeholder seminar was hosted by the team Lund university, Sweden led by Prof. Mo Hamza. The seminar was tilted as Inclusive Disaster Digital Education Seminar and was held on the 15th of June, 2022. The speakers covered various aspects on the main theme of digitalization of disaster education. The presentations were mainly focused on the areas on the importance of understanding diversity in the classroom, enhancing networks by linking with potential partners, innovative Disaster Risk Reduction methods and tools for teaching and strategies on attracting disaster communities and professionals towards digital learning platforms.

Stakeholder seminar 2

The second stakeholder seminar of the project was hosted by the team Keio University, Japan led by Prof. Rajib Shaw. The seminar was titled as Dialogue on Role of Disruptive Technologies in Disaster Risk Reduction and was held on the 1st of December, 2022 as a half a day seminar. The seminar was divided into three main categories as per the stakeholders that were invited namely the perspectives of the academia, private sector, and the central government. The panelists covered the role of disruptive technology Disaster Risk Reduction in various aspects such as artificial intelligent, virtual reality, drones, big data and civil societies.

Stakeholder seminar 3 - TBA

Develop digital pedagogical competencies of educators in DRR